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 Limited edition burger patties in the case right now. 70% brisket 30% bacon 100% awesome #memorialday  Sausages in stock right now. Put them on a @shewolfbakery hot dog roll
 Up at @kinderhookfarm. Butchers picking some ramps on the cow path. #grassfed #rampfinished #notreally #butmaybe?  Pok Pok long burning Thai style charcoal
 Seaweed from Maine. Make some dashi or add it to a spring salad.  We have a huge supply of beautiful chops, roasts, ribs and sausages from our friends @kinderhookfarm @flyingpigsfarm and @arcadianpastures- ready for your grill and the weekend sun.
 Spare ribs on cure- hitting the smoke early in the AM. For the summer season, Thursday's are RIB-DAYS at Daughters. We smoke 'em, you eat 'em. Sold by the whole or half rack. Look for them tomorrow evening, just in time for supper.  House smoked ribs. The best weekday dinner. We smoke 'em, you eat 'em.
 We're looking for friendly, warm, knowledgable people to join our counter staff team. Send us your resume.  French Breakfast Radishes
 Great way to start the day. Thanks @successacademy for taking a field trip to our shop. Matt said, "Who wants to see a really big piece of meet?" And then this happened.  @achillesheelbk is slinging our meats and sausages in some pretty nice tacos right now. Get thyself to Greenpoint and join us.