Bone Broth

photo credit: Matthew Dale





Stock, bone broth, call it what you will. Making use of  animal bones, be it chicken, beef, pork, fowl or fish, into a rich, nutrient dense, food has been around for many years. Slowly simmering them in liquid with leftover vegetables and aromatic herbs draws out the flavors of the meat as well as viably important minerals and vitamins like calcium, amino acids, and body healing collagen. Being a whole animal butcher shop we have always advocated for bones to be used as a valuable thing not to be wasted. We sell pork and beef bones in house and use those as well as poultry and duck to make our own in-house stock. If you walk into the store chances are the amazing aroma in the shop is coming from a large pot of simmering broth.

Our favorite way to use Marlow and Daughters stock other than soup? As a simple morning cup o’ broth to get your energy going. Also, it’s great used in place of water when making rice or other grains.