About Us


When you choose to eat from Marlow & Daughters, you can be sure you are making a responsible decision. We’re committed to providing the best meat, but what does that mean?

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We work directly with small, local, family-run farms and slaughterhouses. When you buy meat from us, more of your money goes directly to the people raising our animals.

Most of what makes our meat taste great happens on the farm. Every steak, chop, burger or cutlet tastes how meat tasted before industrialization cheapened it. Once an animal arrives at the shop, our team of skilled butchers carefully cuts and handles each piece of meat to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

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Every time we receive a delivery, we are getting the entire animal. This takes the economic burden of selling an animal off of the farmer and lets them focus on what they do best: farming. We use lots of techniques to
utilize an entire animal before it becomes waste. That is why, when you visit the shop, you will see a wide variety of different cuts as well as items such as: housemade charcuterie, sausages, offal & other organ meats, rendered fat for cooking, bones, stocks & broths and even treats for your pets. Our partnership with our restaurants means that cuts from the same animal currently available in our meat case are also on the menus at Diner, Marlow & Sons, Achilles Heel and Reynard.

Because our farms are small, our farmers can give each individual animal the attention it deserves. All of our animals are fully pastured, with plenty of room to move around. They only eat what they are designed by nature to eat. All of our beef and lamb are grass fed and grass finished and all of our pork and chicken are given access to plenty of forage. The animals are never given any kind of growth hormones or preventative antibiotics. All of this means that the animals are happy & healthy, which in turn means that the meat you buy from us is healthier for you.


While we know that utilizing the whole animal is the right way to eat meat, we also understand that you may have your mind set on something specific. We typically have over a thousand pounds of beef in our refrigerator at any time, only one pound of which is a hanger steak (unless we already sold that hanger steak). Our team of knowledgeable butchers are here to recommend the best available cut for what you are making and offer some advice on how to prepare it. We’d also love to help you choose some cuts that you may be unfamiliar with preparing, such as beef shanks, lamb heads, chicken hearts or pork coppas. If your heart is set on a particular cut or you just want a lot of one thing, simply give us a few days notice and we can accommodate any request. You can call us at the shop anytime during business hours at 718.388.5700.

Additionally, we want you to be able to choose to eat a well-rounded diet, which is why we also provide a selection of:

  • House Prepared Dishes
  • Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
  • Farmstead & Traditionally Made Cheeses
  • Naturally Leavened Bread from She Wolf Bakery
  • Pastries from Marlow & Sons
  • Pantry & Dairy Staples
  • Fun Snacks & Candy